Hepa Clean 1100 – Lightweight Negative Air Machine


For Ductwork Cleaning Projects

The Hepa Clean 1100 is a small portable and lightweight negative air machine. Ideal for small, inaccessible spaces such as laundry or toilet extract cleaning, the machine is also certified for asbestos removal and demolition work. The item is easily carried by hand and can be used for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning. Item is only available in 230V.

Product Manual


Lightweight Negative Air Machine Design

Hepa Clean 1100 is a lightweight negative air machine from Lifa Air for use on small projects. The machine is compact, lightweight and portable making it ideal for use on systems in laundries, hotels, toilets and residential housing. The unit is only available in 230V. HC1100 is perfect for use on small ductwork systems where dirt build is heavy such as, toilet extracts, laundry extracts, residential plastic ductwork systems and local exhaust ventilation (LEV). This unit is easy to transport and can be carried into loft spaces, ceiling voids and other hard to reach spaces where a larger, heavier negative air machine could not be taken. HC1100 utilises an EC motor meaning it’s incredibly energy efficient and quiet when in operation. This lightweight negative air machine is a must for any ductwork hygiene technician.


Typically the HC1100 is equipped with bag filters, when required HEPA filtration can be added. The unit is connected to the ductwork system via a separate flexible duct hose. For speed of connection smaller hoses may be used as well as access panel duct hose connection doors.

The HC1100 is also suited for Asbestos removal works, or for air scrubbing in environments or enclosures where air needs to be filtered and cleaned, such as construction sites. The unit also works well as an air scrubber for mobile containment units, such as the Alupod.


HC1100 is incredibly easy to use. Once connected to a 230V power supply and switched on the power button will illuminate. Fan speed is easily controlled with a speed dial to increase or decrease airflow. Filter changing is carried out by unfastening two latches on the side of the unit, filters are then accessible for disposal and replacement. HC1100 can work in temperatures up to 40 °C (100 °F) and has very low power consumption.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 67 × 41 × 38 cm


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