Microbiological Test


Sampling ventilation systems is a reliable way of measuring and monitoring microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi. As microbiological sampling detects viable microorganisms (as opposed to just particle counts) it can be used to detect genuine contamination risks present in the environment.


The microbiological test uses a swab to check for bacteria and mould and indicates growth of harmful microorganisms within ventilation systems. This test is extremely important in several different ventilation systems including food production, hospitals, care homes, schools, universities, and any building with a ventilation system. This data can be used to show your client exactly what is happening within their ductwork and what the best course of action is to tackle any spread of growth.

Samples are easy to take, by using the swab on the inside of the ductwork, the test collects surface growth and when sent back to our laboratory the swab can be properly assessed by allowing the cultures to grow and our laboratory technician can identify and potential problems.

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