Y-Dual Knife Air-Jetting Nozzle


The Y-Dual Nozzle is designed for air-jetting on wide rectangular ducts. The arms are adjustable and can be aimed into the corners of the ductwork for maximum effect. It creates a powerful stream of compressed air, strong enough to dislodge accumulated dust, debris, and contaminants from the inner surfaces of the ducts.


The Y-Dual Knife Air Jet Nozzle is an excellent tool for use on dust removal projects where there is wide rectangular or oval ductwork. The nozzle can be adjusted and angled to direct compressed air wide into the ductwork for optimum disturbance of dust deposits. This will speed up the cleaning process when used with a rotary brush machine or compressed air reel.

One notable feature of this duct cleaning air nozzle is the inclusion of dual knife blades. These sharp blades are strategically positioned to cut through any fibres, filaments, or stubborn material that may be present in the ducts. The cutting action helps break down and remove materials that could impede airflow or contribute to indoor air quality issues.

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