The Hasman Laboratory can independently test your microbiological samples and preferred vacuum tests in our safe laboratory by our experienced lab technician. Our technician has over 30 years’ experience of testing and analysing data to ensure your samples are correctly analysed and reported.

Microbiological Testing

Microbiological tests involve ductwork swab testing, where swabs are used to check for bacteria and mould, indicating the growth of harmful microorganisms within ventilation systems. This test is extremely important in several different ventilation systems, including food production, hospitals, care homes, schools, universities, and any building with a ventilation system. Data can be used to show your clients exactly what is happening within their ductwork and the best course of action to tackle any spread of growth.

Samples are easy to take, by using the swab on the inside of the ductwork, the test collects surface growth and when sent back to our laboratory the swab can be properly assessed by allowing the cultures to grow and our laboratory technician can identify and potential problems.

Preferred Vacuum Test

The preferred vacuum test method is advised in BS15780 as well as TR19 as the most suitable method for post clean verification of HVAC systems.

Our capsules ready to go!
Our capsules ready to go!

Carrying out preferred vacuum tests

A capsule is connected to a previously calibrated vacuum test pump. The sample is collected by vacuuming a 10x10cm area of the ductwork internal surface. The information about each test must be recorded on a test sheet detailing location, ductwork class (low, medium or high) and system type (supply, extract or recirculation) and if the sample has been collected pre or post cleaning. Our laboratory technician weighs the dust deposits within the capsule to determine the overall ductwork cleanliness per m2.

The vacuum test pump carries out PVT sampling to measure surface deposits of dust within ductwork and is the most suitable method for post-cleaning verification for all HVAC systems and ductwork.

The filter in each capsule is pre-weighed and each capsule has a unique ID issued by our laboratory.

Download Preferred Vacuum Test Analysis Information Sheet

Download Microbiological Test Instructions

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