Lindab Fire Damper Installation Course


Looking for a fire damper training course that teaches you how to install Lindab fire dampers? Our comprehensive two-day Fire Damper installation course provides high-quality, practical training and covers all relevant theory and guidance to give you peace of mind when working with life-protecting equipment.

With this fire damper training course, you’ll have the opportunity to work with the latest tools and equipment used in the industry and learn practical techniques from experienced professionals. This product-specific course focuses on the installation of WK25, WH25, and FNC1U fire dampers, ensuring that you gain in-depth knowledge of these specific products. Furthermore, you will learn about relevant safety regulations, codes, and standards and how to comply with them, ensuring that you always work safely and to the highest standard.

On completion of the course, you’ll receive a City & Guilds training certification, this is available as a hard copy if required.

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Lindab Fire Damper Installation Course Overview

The unique two day fire damper installation training course will deliver both practical and theoretical training for the installation of Lindab fire dampers. On completion of the course, each trainee can gain a City & Guilds certification. The training aims to ensure Lindab fire dampers are installed correctly and are able to provide the protection that they are designed for. Hands on training will give the installers peace of mind when they are installing life-protecting equipment.

Practical Training

Lindab fire damper installation is delivered in our training centre, installing WK25, WH25 and FNC1U into different types of walls and floors. Our training centre has been designed to provide scenarios which are realistic and prepare candidates for real world working conditions. Candidates will have the opportunity to work with the latest tools and equipment for the installation of dampers. Our expert tutors understand how to guide both new learners and experienced engineers to work safely in accordance with legislation and industry guidance. Practical training will also cover replacement of fusible links, installation of access panels, fire damper function testing (motorised and non-motorised), report production and fire damper cleaning. All candidates will create their own fire damper inspection report to take home in their learner packs.

The course will only cover testing and installation of Lindab fire dampers, general fire damper testing training can be found here.

Theoretical Training

Legislation and industry guidance is covered in detail during the course. This ensures candidates understand principles and reasons for testing. This will include knowledge on statutory requirements, British standards and industry specifications such as the RRFSO, BS9999:2017, EN1366-2 and BESA DW145. Understanding building plan and fire compartmentation drawings  is a key skill for engineers, it’s also essential for specifiers and designers. Post installation reporting procedures and expectations are clearly laid out in the training presentation and learner packs.


Each candidate will receive a detailed Lindab learner pack containing key information relating to WH25, WK25 and FNC1U fire dampers.


Book online or for more information, including how to book please email or visit the BESA website.

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Course Start Date

20th May- 21st May 2024, 17th June – 18th June 2024, 22nd July – 23rd July 2024, 19th August – 20th August 2024, 16th September – 17th September 2024, 21st October – 22nd October 2024, 18th November – 19th November 2024, 16th December – 17th December 2024


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