What you need for commercial kitchen extraction cleaning

Restaurants and Commercial kitchens

It’s important that restaurants commercial kitchens perform kitchen extraction cleaning. This means removing grease and oil deposits from kitchen extract ductwork on a regular basis. Extract ductwork cleanliness is important for hygiene, but more crucially for the fire safety of the premises, staff and customers. In this blog post, we’ll reference the relevant cleaning specification and introduce you to our line of rotary brush machines that are perfect for cleaning difficult to access areas of ventilation systems.

What is TR19® Grease Specification?

The stand-alone specification TR19® Grease – Specification for Fire Risk Management of Grease Accumulation within Kitchen Extraction Systems is a document specifically focused on fire risk management of grease accumulation within kitchen extraction systems.

The TR19® Grease specification states that kitchen extraction systems must be cleaned regularly, the frequency of cleaning depends on the rate at which grease accumulates. A competent cleaning contractor should monitor how quickly grease accumulates within the system and advise the suitable frequency of cleaning. Kitchen extract systems should be maintained so that thickness of the accumulated grease does not exceed 200 microns as an average throughout the system. Failure to maintain a kitchen extract system in accordance with TR19® Grease may invalidate the buildings insurance policy in the event of a fire.

Why should I buy a rotary brush machine?

Contractors working in accordance with TR19® Grease often use a rotary brush machine or drill operated cable to ensure they can clean all areas of the ductwork system. By using a rotary brush with a long reach, it’s possible to clean long vertical sections (risers) fully and in a quick and efficient manner. Access panels should be fitted every 2m on the ductwork system, however these may require specialist access equipment to reach. Brush machines cut down on the need for specialist access, and reduce the amount of back-breaking work needing to be performed.

What rotary brush machines do we offer?

Hasman offer a wide range of rotary brush machines, but the most suitable for kitchen extract cleaning are the Hydmaster40 (hydraulic motor), Special Cleaner 25 (electric motor) and the Combi Cleaner 15 (pneumatic motor). Our three motor options mean there is a solution for all preferences and site requirements.

The most powerful brush machine available on the market is Lifa Air’s patented Hydmaster40. Equipped with a 40m cable and powered by a hydraulic motor the machine is able to spin up to 3 brush heads, allowing the contractor to clean all shapes of ductwork with ease. The 40m cable is fitted with a fluid delivery line which allows foaming and rinsing of the ductwork while it is brushed.

Rotary brush accessories allow cleaning of all shapes and sizes of ductwork, these include 2-brush and 3-brush gearboxes which allow brushes to reach into the corners of square and rectangular duct forms.

What about drill operated equipment?

Drill operated equipment is also available for use on smaller systems or small sections of extract systems. The tough nature of the work means only extra strong cables are suitable in kitchen ducts, and they must be operated with suitable high-power drills. These cables are fully compatible with the full range of Lifa Air ductwork cleaning brushes.

So you’re looking for kitchen extraction cleaning equipment, look no further than our machines and equipment! vFor more information about kitchen extraction cleaning or to order one of our products, visit us online.