Two Brush Triangle Y-Gear – Rectangular Ductwork Tool


Compatible with all LIFA Air brushes, the Two Brush Triangle Y-Gear allows two brushes to be spun simultaneously to improve duct cleaning and brushing results in wide rectangular or oval ductwork. The angle and height of the brushes can easily be adjusted to suit the ductwork.


Rectangular Ductwork Tool

Triangle Y-Gear cannot be used in ducts under 250mm in height or width. The accessory is adjustable so that it can be suited to the height and width of the duct, it has an aluminium body which is both strong and light in weight. All Lifa Air brushes are compatible with this tool. The two brush gear is an excellent rectangular ductwork tool, allowing brush bristles to clean into the corners of the ductwork. All brushes in the Lifa Air range can be used on the tool to enable easier removal of grease or dust from the ductwork system.

The two brush gear is compatible with Lifa Air rotary brush machines Combi Cleaner 15, Special Cleaner 25, Combi Cleaner 40 and Hydmaster 40. This tool is not available for use on the Special Cleaner 20 machine.


The rectangular ductwork tool is mounted to the machine brush connection, this splits the machines power to two brush heads. The angle of the brushes can be adjusting small bolts on the tool. In wider ductwork where dimensions are equal to or greater than 2:1 extension arms can be fitted to the tool to increase the width of the cleaning area. This is also useful when cleaning oval ductwork with internal support struts. The tool’s legs and arms are all removable and exchangeable so the machine can be adjusted to navigate different ductwork sizes. Always consider the size of the access panel through which the tool is to be used, a suitable sized access panel will need to be fitted to allow the tool into the ductwork, a minimum of a 300x300mm panel should be fitted to the ductwork system. The Y-Gear can be used in both horizontal and vertical ductwork, for vertical sections the wheels may be removed if necessary.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Rotary Brush Machine

Combi Cleaner 15, Combi Cleaner 40, Special Cleaner 25, Hydmaster 40


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