Three Brush T-Gear


Part of the LIFA Air duct cleaning equipment range, the 3 Brush T-Gear is designed for cleaning wide, rectangular and oval ductwork. It’s a perfect tool for brushing wide ductwork, low in height.


The Three Brush T-Gear set comes with x9 brushes included for the cleaning of wide ductwork where the dimensions of width to height are greater than 2:1. The following brushes are included within the package

2 pieces – 250mm Tynex Ball Brush (6420281020964)
2 pieces – 150mm Tynex Ball Brush (6420281020094)
2 pieces – 190mm Soft Ball Brush (6420281010651)
1 piece – 200mm Soft Brush (6420281012297)
1 piece – 340mm Soft Brush (6420281012303)
1 piece – Combination Brush 150/300mm (6420281010668)

The unit is supplied with two sets of adjustable wheel arms, 5cm and 15cm in length, and brush arm extensions, 5cm, for wider ducts.

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Weight 7 kg


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