Combi Cleaner 40 – Pneumatic Rotary Brush Machine


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The Lifa Air Combi Cleaner 40 is an all-round rotary brush machine, perfect for duct cleaning. With a pneumatic motor, the brush rotation is powered by compressed air from a separate compressor. It is capable of cleaning grease and dust deposits from ductwork.

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Pneumatic Rotary Brush Machine Design

The Lifa Air Combi Cleaner 40 is a high quality professional tool for cleaning medium and large sized ductwork. It is a pneumatic rotary brush with multiple uses machine, the machine is powered by compressed air. CC40 provides practical solutions for a variety of problems, it’s features include the ability to apply degreaser as foam, spray duct sealant, spray liquid disinfectant, spread detergent foam and gel, and the removal of dirt both by brushing and air jetting.

The unit may be used to clean ductwork ranging from 300-1200mm in size and can clean all ductwork shapes rectangular, circular and oval. The pneumatic rotary brush machine has a 40m cleaning shaft which is both strong and flexible. Brush rotation speed up to 670rpm is easily controlled by adjusting the flow of compressed air through the air valve.

This machine has proved incredibly popular in the European market for kitchen exhaust cleaning in accordance with TR19. It is well suited to engineering and factory environments where compressed air is readily available.


Brush rotation is controlled by pneumatic control levers on the machine for clockwise or anti-clockwise directions. CC40 is the only machine with remote control of its pneumatic centering device, allowing the size of the centering device to be quickly adjusted throughout the cleaning process to match the ductwork size. Centering device controls are located beside the brush rotation controls for the machine operator.

Circular, rectangular and oval ductwork shapes may be cleaned by changing brush shape and material at the brush end connection. Rectangular ductwork may require a specialist tool to clean into the corners of the ductwork called the two brush triangle gear.

Combi Cleaner 40 pneumatic motor will require regular lubrication with suitable lubricating oil. To reduce the chance of corrosion to the pneumatic motor the machine comes fitted with a water separator, this means any moisture carried by the compressed air does not enter the machine motor.

Machine operation is usually a two man operation but it is possible to operate with one person. The machine reduces the need for manual entry and confined space work to clean ductwork systems in accordance with TR19 and BS15780.

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 110 × 57 × 129 cm


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