Duct Camera – Air Duct Inspection Camera


An excellent tool for TR19 ductwork inspections and validations, the duct inspection camera has the ability to record video and still photos to an SD memory card.


Lifa Air Duct Inspection Camera

The Lifa Air Duct Inspection Camera is an essential tool for any ductwork maintenance engineer. The easy to use camera equipment is equipped with a 40-metre range for internal inspection of ductwork systems. The camera has self-levelling software to improve visibility while passing through the duct or pipe.

Uses of a Duckwork Camera

Survey and Inspection

When carrying out pre or post clean inspections in accordance with TR19 the duct inspection camera is an excellent tool. The reel and camera are both waterproof and are suitable for ductwork survey as well as sewers and other process pipework. The self-levelling camera displays a live feed to the integrated 7″ display within the protective case lid. If video recording is necessary, then files may be easily recorded on to an SD memory card. The fibreglass reel has a 40-meter range and is able to navigate past in-line components such as attenuators or turning vanes.

CCTV for cleaning purposes

The duct inspection camera may be used alongside a Lifa Air rotary brush machine and centering device during ductwork cleaning. This ensures that ductwork cleaning is carried out accurately and speeds up the cleaning process. It is possible by attaching the ductwork camera to the centering device of the rotary brush machine, which protects the inspection camera from damage during the cleaning process.

Equipment Features

  • 7″ High Brightness LCD Display with SD recording and remote control
  • 40 metre glass fibre rod fitted to reel, easy to push in and out
  • Battery life up to 8 hours
  • 120° wide angle camera with 12 built-in LEDs, waterproof up to 2 bars
  • Waterproof IP68 and robust protective carry case

If you have any questions regarding this ductwork camera, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.

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