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The LIFA Air duct cleaning robot is the perfect electric solution for your ductwork maintenance and cleaning. An essential for any HVAC contractor, the electric robot is suitable for cleaning both commercial and industrial ductwork. With a 21m range and an ability to clean duct heights up to 900mm, the duct cleaning robot is suited to ductwork of all materials, shapes and sizes. Easy to operate and run at high performance, the electric robot produces excellent cleaning results without the need for man entry in confined spaces. The robot can also produce HD video displays for accurate cleaning control, cleaning evidence and reporting needs.


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Duct Cleaning Robot Design

The Lifa Air Duct Cleaning Robot is a professional choice for cleaning small, medium and large-sized ductwork. The electrically powered rotary brush machine delivers brush rotation up to 480rpm, more than enough for dust removal projects and weighs only 12Kg. This machine is a further development from the pneumatically driven cleaning robot. New motors now offer higher brush performance and the ability to drive up a 45º degree elevation within a duct.

The robot may be used to clean ductwork ranging from 300mm-900mm in size and can clean all ductwork shapes rectangular, circular and oval, it is excellent at cleaning into corners and around internal supporting bars. The 230V electric robot has a 21m cable range, a removable LED lighting arm and can spin oversized brushes. Brush rotation speed up to 480rpm is easily controlled by a speed control dial on the control box, along with driving joystick, lighting control and HD camera display. The robot is fitted with both front and rear view cameras, this allows the operator to reverse the robot out from a duct safely without tangling or snagging of the power cable.

This latest Lifa Air design is perfect for ductwork cleaning in accordance with TR19, BS15780, HTM03:01 and is also used in environments such as marine, nuclr and pharmaceutical. All products from Lifa Air are produced to high standards and in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and are CE marked.


The robot brush motor is quiet when in operation (50dB max) and delivers consistent power for ductwork cleaning. Circular, rectangular and oval ductwork shapes may be cleaned by changing brush shape and material at the robot brush connection. The Cleaning Robot is not suitable for grease removal from kitchen LEV ductwork systems.

Single person operation offers substantial cost saving for businesses cleaning ductwork, freeing up labour for other activities. The machine reduces the need for manual entry and confined space work to clean ductwork systems in accordance with TR19 and BS15780. This is a huge bonus, particularly when ductwork contaminants may be hazardous.

Equipment Features

  • Power supply – 100 – 230V (50 / 60 Hz)
  • 12 kg (26 pounds) H: 20 cm (8″) W: 28 cm (11″) L: 49 cm (19″)
  • 21 meters (70ft) electric cable
  • Up to 480 rpm brush rotation
  • HD Colour Camera
  • Aluminium transport case on wheels, featuring a lifting handle

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 49 × 28 × 20 cm

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