LIFA Air Rover Robotic Camera


Remote controlled Lifa Rover Robot video inspection camera set is without cable – signal can reach up to 50 meters (164 ft).

Special front and back camera enable 360° view of video / photos recorded.

Easy-to-use and instant sending of videos into cloud.


Video inspection robot for HVAC air ducts.

The strong 4-wheel drive and specially made wheels travel 45° upwards ducts.

In-built battery guarantees 4 hours of continuous driving with full lighting on.

  • Height 120mm
  • Length 285mm
  • Width 193mm

Wifi signal reaches in straight duct >40m from access door.

Extra 10m long wifi signal cable is included in standard package; this enables you to inspect through 90-degree bends and/or structural walls without the need for the operator to change position from access door made.