Tynex Brush with Nylon Centre


Tynex brush is a multi-purpose brush. It combines nylon bristles with a rougher abrasive tynex bristle. Excellent when used with foam for grease removal, also good for removing hardened dirt/dust in general ductwork cleaning to maintain TR19 standards.


The Tynex brush has both standard nylon bristles and the tynex bristle. Tynex is a rough material, making it effective at removing hardened dirt. The brush is used for many purposes including grease removal. When grease deposits are thin or dry the tynex can work like a sander and removes grease from the ductwork, creating a greaset powder in the process which can be vacuumed away.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Brush Size

200/400mm, 400/600mm, 600/800mm, 800/1000mm, 1000/1200mm


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