Low Pressure Spraying Unit, 5L stainless steel bottle


Low Pressure Spraying Unit, 5 liter stainless steel bottle

(incl. valve for compressed air, pressure meter, specially made quick coupling for LIFA machines)

This is a recommended accessory for CC40, CC15, SC25 and Hydmaster Multi.

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Birchmeier offers a premium sprayer for fluorochemical protectors and other treatments. Featuring top-mounted hose fittings, a separate filler cap, and an 8004 fanjet nozzle with Viton seals and pressure gauge. Equipped with a Gunjet spray gun and compatible with all interchangeable TeeJet spray tips.

Key design features:

  • Made from stainless-steel materials
  • Pressure rating of 250 PSI (17.5Bar) for 23L and 27L models; 1000PSI (69Bar) for 23H and 27H models
  • Triggers lock available on 23H and 27H models
  • Insulated gun handle on model 27, suitable for temperatures up to 93 degrees C
  • Flow rates reaching up to 5GPM (19l/min)