Centraliser Disc


Constructed from plastic, Centraliser Discs enhance the brushing process by stabilising brush heads and minimising the risk of them becoming tangled in smaller ducts during cleaning. The function of the Centraliser Disc is to maintain the central position of rotating brushes, ensuring effective and consistent contact with duct surfaces. This mechanism prevents brushes from scraping or damaging duct walls, promoting efficient and damage-free cleaning.


Centraliser Discs are made from plastic and improve the brushing process, they help stabilise the brush head and also reduce the chance of brushes tangling in smaller ducts during ductwork cleaning.

Centraliser Discs improve the brushing process as they help to ensure that bristles cannot tangle and evenly contact all duct surfaces. They should be used when using Lifa Air Soft Brushes. Centraliser discs also increase air disturbance around the brush head improving dust removal.


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200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm


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