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5 Reasons to invest in Lifa Air equipment

5 Reasons to invest in Lifa Air equipment

1 Cost

With Lifa Air you get high quality design and efficiency for an affordable price. They do not increase costs by including unnecessary gadgets which can often break and cause the machinery to fail, and they also don’t cut costs by sourcing cheap components. All equipment is simple, well made and professional. Lifa Air are the no.1 choice worldwide for professional duct cleaners.

2 Quality

All Lifa Air equipment is CE marked. Lifa are an ISO14001 manufacturer, meaning all equipment produced is done so to the highest standard. Any issues with equipment can be quickly diagnosed and solved as every spare needed for the machine is held in stock.

3 Durability

Through good design the Lifa air equipment is robust, powerful and effective. There are no unnecessary gadgets which can break and make the kit unusable. The machinery is built to last, and you can feel this quality as soon as you touch it.

4 Know-How

Lifa Air based in Finland have been at the forefront of duct cleaning technology since the 1990’s. An investment in Lifa Air equipment is also an investment into their know-how and experience. They are always willing to work with customers to solve new problems and challenges on site, and they have a wealth of experience having worked thousands of projects all over the world.

5 Versatility

There is a wide range of well-designed accessories which can solve everyday issues for a duct cleaner such as working at height and in confined spaces. Tools such as the T-Gear for rotating three brushes in rectangular ducts greatly improve efficiency of cleaning and make the process easier. The machinery can be easily equipped for different cleaning tasks and come in different sizes and power to suit the needs of the customer.