Numatic HZD570-2 Twin Motor Vacuum Cleaner


Equipped with powerful twin motors and a high-filtration system which includes HEPA filters, the HZD570-2 numatic vacuum collects the smallest of particles, including allergens and fine dust, which are trapped and prevented from being released back into the air.


A Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner Suitable For Asbestos Removal

High-quality Numatic twin motor hazardous vacuum cleaner suitable for HVAC ductwork cleaning as well as for Asbestos removal. The vacuum’s large capacity allows it to handle extended cleaning sessions without frequent interruptions to empty the dust container.

The HZD570-2 numatic vacuum is available in 110v or 230v and is equipped with an H14 HEPA filter, meaning it is suitable for use in indoor environments such as hospitals, schools and offices.

The unit is supplied with a 1.5m hose and stainless steel floor kit.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg


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