Batt Cleaner 20 – Battery Powered Rotary Brush Machine


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The LIFA Air Batt Cleaner 20 is an ideal choice for dust removal and duct cleaning projects. This battery-operated rotary brush machine is highly portable, thanks to its compact design and 20m cleaning cable. It’s capable of cleaning ducts from 100-350mm in size, making it suitable for a variety of settings. The machine comes with two batteries included, ensuring that you have enough power to get the job done efficiently. For more information about our unit, contact us by email or phone.

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Battery Powered Rotary Brush Machine

The Lifa Air Batt Cleaner 20is a professional choice for duct cleaning small-sized ductwork. The battery-powered rotary brush machine delivers 5Nm of torque, more than enough power for dust removal projects, this machine is highly portable and weighs only 30Kg. This machine is a further development from the Special Cleaner 20.

The unit may be used to clean ductwork ranging from 100-350mm in size and can clean all ductwork shapes rectangular, circular and oval. The small electric rotary brush machine has a 20m cleaning shaft which is both strong and flexible. Brush rotation speed up to 570rpm is easily controlled by a speed control dial.

This machine is helpful in the UK construction market for ductwork cleaning in accordance with TR19 and is also used in environments such as marine, medical and pharmaceutical. Batt Cleaner 20 is manufactured by Lifa Air to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and is CE marked.


The small battery powered rotary brush motor is incredibly quiet when in operation and delivers consistent power for ductwork cleaning. Brush rotation is controlled by a switch and this can be linked to a remote control if necessary. Brush speed is controlled from 225-570rpm by a speed dial on the machine control box. An emergency stop button is fitted to the control box for immediate shut off. The Batt Cleaner’s Lithium-Ion batteries have a 4 hour working time and 2 hour charge period, the two batteries supplied are quick and easy to change over for charging, this ensures continual operation is possible.

Circular, rectangular and oval ductwork shapes may be cleaned by changing brush shape and material at the brush end connection. The Batt Cleaner 20 is not suitable for grease removal from kitchen LEV ductwork systems.

Machine operation is usually a two man operation but with a remote control it is possible to operate with only one person. The machine reduces the need for manual entry and confined space work to clean ductwork systems in accordance with TR19 and BS15780 which is a bonus in terms of health and safety.

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Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 64 × 48 × 91 cm


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