Foaming Nozzle


Foaming nozzles are an effective tool for removing grease and grime from surfaces. These nozzles create a thick foam that maximizes the cleaning effect of the chemicals used. The foaming action helps break down and dissolve the grease and other stubborn contaminants, making removing them from the surface easier.

The foaming nozzle is highly compatible with Lifa Air rotary brush machines, which provide a powerful mechanical action to agitate and loosen the dirt, further enhancing the cleaning process. The foaming nozzle is also suitable for sprayer tanks, allowing for easy and efficient application of cleaning chemicals.

Using a foaming nozzle is an excellent way to improve the effectiveness of your cleaning process, mainly when dealing with tough grease and grime. It ensures that the cleaning solution is evenly distributed across the surface, maximising its contact time and improving its cleaning power. With the foaming nozzle, you can achieve a deep and thorough clean quickly and easily.

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