Ductwork Access Panels – Duct Hose Connection


The Access Panel Hose Connection tool is a solution to make connecting a hose to ductwork quick and easy, without losing a stable duct seal. The connection can be made to suit various ductwork access panel openings and duct hose sizes. Simply attach the tool to an existing access panel to achieve a good duct seal for dust removal cleaning in accordance with TR19.


This ductwork access panel is a handy tool for attaching hoses to ductwork for dust removal in accordance with TR19. The access panel duct connection helps to create reliable duct sealing quickly and easily during dust removal projects.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Panel Size

300 / 200mm, 300 / 300mm, 400 / 400mm, 450 / 300mm, 450 / 450mm

Spigot Diameter

Ø 150mm, Ø 200mm, Ø 300mm


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