Members of the European Ventilation Hygiene Association (EVHA)


There are currently 12 members of the EVHA, the professional association promoting ventilation hygiene across Europe. Hasman is proud to be an active member of this association.

The History of the EVHA

Founded in 1999, the European Ventilation Hygiene Association (EVHA) originally consisted of a small number of people who wished to promote the ventilation hygiene industry across Europe and standardise the level of service by lobbying for improved legislation and guidelines. Hasman was amongst this number. Our team has remained engaged with the organisation as membership has grown, working to ensure the standard of our own service, as well as to ensure that a level of excellence is established as the norm, industry wide.

A sign of quality assurance

Now membership to the EVHA and EVHA training and certification is recognised as the sign of competence and quality throughout the industry.

EVHA member organisations span a broad range of skills and competencies. All members are actively involved in the ventilation hygiene marketplace. These include contractors and manufacturers, as well as academic professionals. The aim of the organisation remains to unify the marketplace and to speak as a single voice of the industry in Europe. We represent those that care passionately about the ventilation hygiene industry and our environment.

By collaborating with organisations that stand for similar values and recognise the necessity of clean ductwork for public health, we can and do create change that improves the standards of our industry and has implications for the health of member nations.

Ethics and commitments

The EVHA’s code of ethics commits the association to serving customers with integrity and competence.

Member organisations pledge to uphold the code of ethics by performing service in accordance with association standards, employing at least one EVHA certified person at any given time and staying abreast of new developments in technology, tools of the trade, building codes and any other standard or information that directly affects the work being carried out. They also commit to holding all required insurances, upholding confidentiality between client and supplier and providing clients with accurate inspection and evaluation of the cleanliness and physical condition of their ventilation system.

The EVHA operates both and ethics committee and a board or directors that, together, uphold the integrity of the body. The ethics committee exists to hear and investigate any and all complaints against member organisations and to make recommendations to the board of directors concerning the resolution of any charges.

In this way, together with other organisations that share the same values as Hasman, we are playing our part in upholding the integrity and ensuring the evolution of our industry.

Hasman and the EVHA

Hasman is one of only four UK members of the EVHA. Our involvement with Lifa Air and the Building Engineering Services Association have allowed us to play an important role within this trade body and our training facility in Liverpool has played host to meetings and training events with international reach.

The European Ventilation Hygiene Association can be found online at