In partnership with LIFA air duct cleaning

Partners with LIFA air duct cleaning

Hasman Training & LIFA air

LIFA air is a worldwide brand in the field of ventilation parts and services, producing market leading air duct cleaning equipment.

The company is also a working partner of Hasman; LIFA air duct cleaning has a huge part in our business.  

As a result of working with the best, we have worked on many high profile jobs across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, oil, cruise liner, aviation and domestic.

About LIFA air duct cleaning

LIFA air duct cleaning equipment is the best on the market.

The company was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 1988 with a mission to improve indoor air quality. Using comprehensive research LIFA air made significant contributions to indoor air quality in Finland, before expanding to become a worldwide brand.

LIFA air duct cleaning equipment and other air purification equipment was used for military application, before being widely picked up by the commercial market.

The company counts the European Embassy and the Olympic Games amongst its clients.

Training people to use LIFA air duct cleaning equipment

Hasman is a world leader when it comes to training operatives to use duct cleaning equipment.

When we recommend, supply and train people to use duct cleaning equipment it is invariably LIFA air duct cleaning equipment that we use.

Air duct cleaning is not a straightforward task. It requires the precision use of specialist equipment.

It is, however, all-important because only by carrying out air duct cleaning correctly can we ensure indoor air quality. LIFA air duct cleaning equipment is both easy to use and high performing.

That is why Hasman is proud to partner with with LIFA.

We conduct the air duct cleaning training on may of LIFA air’s projects. In turn, we also provide training in LIFA air equipment use to our own customers, from our purpose built training facility in Liverpool.

We have ductwork, for practical training purposes, as well as LIFA air equipment, to allow our trainees to gain hands on experience in using the equipment, before becoming certified in correct usage and knowledge of all relevant theory.

If you want to know more about Hasman’s working partnership with LIFA air, or you would like to be trained in the use of LIFA air duct cleaning equipment please get in touch or, alternatively, simply register to attend one of our upcoming training courses.