Upgrades to The Hasman Vacuum Test Pump

Hasman vacuum test pump

The Hasman vacuum test pump for ductwork cleanliness inspection has been upgraded. The pump’s protective plastic case is now both shockproof and waterproof. Inside the case laser cut foam has been included which makes storage of pump components and PVT cartridges far easier. A more compact flow meter has been added to make on-site calibration of the pump easier.

The Hasman vacuum test pump

The preferred vacuum test is the nominated testing method in TR19 and BS15780 for post clean verification of HVAC systems and can also be used as pre-clean survey tool. This pump is an absolute must have for any ductwork cleaning surveyor or maintenance company. The Hasman pump can be calibrated on site before each use to ensure that it is delivering 15l/min through the vacuum test cartridge.

Hasman Ltd also offer a pre-weighed vacuum test service for £14.95+VAT, this includes all laboratory costs. We can turn test results around extremely quickly, typically within 2 days of receipt of tests, depending on the total number of analyses required. This makes Hasman an excellent choice as your third party independent laboratory.

Check out the new Hasman pump here:

https://www.hasman.co.uk/shop/equipment/duct-inspection-equipment/duct-cleanliness-vacuum-test-pump/ .