Commercial kitchen extraction cleaning in accordance with TR19®

If you run a commercial kitchen, it’s important that you keep up with kitchen extraction cleaning. This means removing grease and other debris from your kitchen hoods and ductwork on a regular basis. Not only is it necessary to maintain FOG (fat, oil, and grease) standards, but it’s also crucial for the safety of your staff and customers. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of kitchen extraction cleaning and introduce you to our line of rotary brush machines that are perfect for the job.

TR19® extract and duct cleaning regulations state that kitchen extraction systems must be cleaned at least every six months. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines (or a catastrophic grease fire in your kitchen) so it’s important to take kitchen extraction cleaning seriously. The best way to ensure your kitchen meets TR19® standards is to use a rotary brush machine. By using a multidirectional brush with a long reach, our machines can clean deep inside your extractors and ductwork, clearing any blockages or obstacles and removing potentially dangerous grease and oil deposits.

In addition to kitchen hoods above the cooking area, commercial kitchen ventilation systems often include kitchen ductwork running through floor slabs or ceilings. This ductwork can be difficult to clean and often goes overlooked. However, it’s essential to keep this ductwork free of grease and debris in order to maintain FOG standards. Our Combi Cleaner 15 is the perfect machine for cleaning kitchen ductwork. It has a long reach that allows you to clean ducts from above or below, and a powerful rotating head that can shift the most stubborn grease and fatty deposits.

What are the TR19® Regulations?

The TR19® regulations, also known as the Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning Regulations, were introduced in 2009. They state that kitchen extraction systems must be cleaned at least every six months in order to maintain FOG (fat, oil and grease) standards.

What happens if I don’t comply with the regulations?

If you don’t comply with the TR19® extract and duct cleaning regulations, you could face a number of consequences. Fines are the most common punishment for non-compliance, but in some cases, the kitchen extraction system may be shut down altogether. It’s therefore imperative that you take kitchen extraction cleaning seriously and use a rotary brush machine to ensure your kitchen meets all necessary standards.

Of course, fines may be the least of your worries if your kitchen extraction system isn’t up to FOG standards – the reason those standards are in place is to reduce the risk of grease fires in kitchens, which can erupt suddenly and with shocking ferocity, and are very difficult to extinguish. A grease fire in your commercial kitchen could mean the end of your business and even more costly consequences, like legal action – so minimise the risk with clean, well-kept and grease-free extraction systems.

Why should I buy a rotary brush machine?

A kitchen extraction system that is fully cleaned every six months will be able to operate more efficiently and last longer. This means you’ll save money over time by avoiding costly repairs or replacements, as well as the money you’d have to spend on kitchen extraction cleaning services. Plus, removing grease and debris from kitchen ductwork makes it safer for kitchen staff and your building’s other occupants.

What rotary brush machines do we offer?

Our Hydmaster 40, Combicleaner 40, Special Cleaner 25, and Combi Cleaner 15 are all great rotary brush machines that will make kitchen extraction cleaning quick and efficient. Our kitchen extraction cleaning services use these machines to ensure your kitchen is fully cleaned on a regular basis. However, if you’d like to clean your kitchen yourself, we also offer rotary brush machine rentals. Contact us today for more information about our kitchen extraction cleaning services or kitchen ductwork cleaning machines!

What are the advantages of a rotary brush machine?

A rotary brush machine offers a range of advantages over hand-cleaning, using a manual brush or competing machine type in kitchen extract cleaning. Here are a few examples:

Quick and efficient kitchen extraction cleaning

A rotary brush machine can fit into any awkward ductwork and apply enough cleaning effort to shift the most stubborn deposits quickly and easily.

Cleans kitchen hoods, ductwork, and other ventilation systems

They’re versatile and not just used for kitchen extraction systems – the long, flexible arm and different-sized available brush heads mean that they’re great for ventilation systems and ductwork too, ensuring compliance with TR19 duct cleaning standards. When you buy a rotary brush machine, you’ll be guaranteeing easy maintenance for a whole range of building systems that would otherwise be an expensive headache to keep up to code.

Reduces the risk of grease fires in commercial kitchens

Kitchen extraction cleaning isn’t just for air quality’s sake – the FOG regulations exist due to the risk of grease fires, which become much more likely when a kitchen extraction system is full of grease and oily deposits. As we mentioned before, these fires are sudden, very high in heat, and hard to extinguish, making them exceptionally dangerous to your business AND your staff. Reduce the risk and keep everybody safe with regular kitchen extraction cleaning!

Saves money over time by avoiding costly repairs or replacements

Dirty or clogged kitchen extraction systems have to work harder to get the same results, so the machine parts wear down at a faster rate. You may find that neglecting the upkeep of the system results in expensive repairs and replacements on a regular basis – far better to invest once in a rotary brush machine and know that your machines will last as long as they possibly can!

Boosts air quality and kitchen safety for kitchen staff and building occupants.

Kitchen extraction is so important because kitchens can quickly become smoky, or see large amounts of grease aerosolised into the air by a fryer, or any number of other air quality problems. Good extraction in accordance with TR19® regulations keeps the air clean and the staff happy and safe – so keep your extractor in tip-top shape with regular maintenance and cleaning!

Are there other extraction cleaning methods available?

Yes, kitchen extraction systems can be cleaned using a number of methods. However, rotary brush machines are the most effective kitchen extraction cleaning method available due to their combination of speed, power and the manual scrubbing action of their brush heads.

Why are rotary brush machines the most effective extraction cleaning method?

Unlike other kitchen ductwork cleaning methods that use heat or chemicals to remove FOG from kitchen ducts and hoods, rotary brush machines use a rotating brush to scrub the surfaces and remove all grease, debris, and build-up. This makes rotary brush machines the most effective kitchen extraction cleaning method available.

So you’re looking for kitchen extraction cleaning equipment, look no further than our rotary brush machines! We offer a wide range of high-quality kitchen extraction cleaning equipment that will help you maintain TR19 ®standards and keep your kitchen safe for staff and customers alike. For more information about kitchen extraction cleaning or to order one of our products, visit us online.