Approved training provider for the BESA GHO Qualification

We are now a leading provider of the BESA GHO qualification

We’re now approved!

Hasman are now an approved training centre for the BESA!

Our approved centre can deliver the new BESA GHO qualification, which aims to raise standards within the ventilation hygiene industry. The BESA grease hygiene operative (GHO) short course will ensure that staff are competent to undertake commercial kitchen duct cleaning to comply with the TR19 guidelines.

Following an audit of our facilities and course materials Hasman has become 1 of only 3 approved centres in the UK able to run the GHO course.

More BESA short courses will be available at our centre which will be nationally recognised qualifications from BESA training.

Availability for our BESA GHO qualification

Our first GHO will be available from July and monthly GHO courses will run from that point onwards. The GHO trains staff to clean to the current TR19 standard and assesses them both practically and through a written exam. This process will make sure that kitchen extract systems are cleaned safely and efficiently to satisfy insurers requirements.

The ventilation hygiene industry is now moving towards a requirement for formal certified training, and will be offering 4 short courses designed to raise standards across the industry. Insurers are increasingly asking for companies to clean to TR19 standards, but until now they have had no means of ensuring staff carrying out the cleaning were competent.

There will be two short courses designed around kitchen extract cleaning, the grease hygiene operative (GHO), and the grease hygiene technician (GHT). When a candidate passes the qualification, they will be added to the BESCA database, they will be certified as competent and the qualification will be valid for three years.

More information on the GHO course can be found here on our website: