The Benefits of Commercial Ventilation System Cleaning

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Commercial buildings like office blocks, factories, and retail units are some of the most important buildings to have regular ventilation system cleaning.

Although people don’t live in these buildings, they do spend a lot of time working or shopping in them so the air duct system should be looked after responsibly.

We run a wide range of duct cleaning training courses from our state-of-the-art facility in Liverpool and we have all of the equipment and expertise to teach you how to keep duct systems clean in your building.

Before you check out our upcoming duct cleaning training courses, reading this post will explain some of the top benefits of air duct cleaning, straight from the experts:

Improved Air Quality

The most important reason to ensure regular ventilation system cleaning is carried out in commercial buildings is the instant benefit of fresher, cleaner air.

Air duct systems pick up dust, dirt, and other contaminants over time and this debris will build, out-of-sight, in the ventilation system. Air passing through this system will be compromised with dirt, mold, and mildew, which will then be breathed in by employees or customers.

The potential negative effects of breathing in dust and other contaminants are varied, but examples of illnesses that it can cause include bronchitis and tracheitis.

Happier Workers

Clean air in offices or factories not only offers significant long-term health benefits but also minimises avoidable short-term illnesses.

Sick Building Syndrome is a real condition that is currently only partially understood but is undeniably linked to the cleanliness of the buildings air duct system.

Contaminated air, especially if polluted with mold or pollen, can be a large influencing factor in giving employees colds, allergy symptoms, and asthma attacks.

Regular ventilation system cleaning will cut down the risk of a build up of damaging debris in ducts and help employees to stay healthy and happy.

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Avoid a Fire Hazard

A less direct – but equally important – safety benefit of cleaning air duct systems often is the reduced risk of fire it contributes towards.

Collected dust in an air vent that leads to a heat source such as the building’s heating element or furnace can be a recipe for disaster. All that’s needed is for the dust to be lit by a spark and a duct fire can be caused.

Although fire dampers in a ventilation system should contain the damage, we think that prevention is the best cure.

Savings on Costs Through Ventilation System Cleaning

The final notable benefit of routine ventilation system cleaning is the savings on cost it can result in. Accumulated dust and debris in ductwork reduces the efficiency of the system, forcing the ventilating elements to work harder to keep air fresh.

If you complete one of our duct cleaning training courses, you’ll be able to look after ventilation systems and save money on energy consumption every year.

Eliminating the negative health effects that can be caused by dirty ductwork can also improve productivity in the workplace – a different kind of saving!

How Our Duct Cleaning Training Courses Can Help

Completing one of our training courses will equip you with the skills you need to look after ventilation systems in commercial buildings and reap the benefits.

Our duct cleaning training courses are led by expert tutors with extensive experience in HVAC fields and delivered in our state-of-the-art facility in Liverpool. With a classroom, AHU and fire damper testing areas, a full kitchen extract system, and more than 40 metres of ductwork, we have the right set up to teach you properly.

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Take a look at our upcoming courses to see if they suit you and get in touch with us today either online through our contact form or by calling us on 03333 443 780.