Benefits of an Aeroseal duct sealing system

The central heating and cooling system (HVAC) is only as effective as the ductwork. As you go through the seasons, your air ducts expand and contract. Although this is a natural part of the heating and cooling process, it can lead to leaks in the air ducts over time. These disruptive leaks can diminish the effectiveness of your HVAC equipment leading to frustrating energy fluctuations, excessive dust and high energy bill. Duct sealing can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system by up to 20%. The Aeroseal duct sealing system is one of the leading and most trusted duct solutions available in the market.

Here are the benefits of using the Aeroseal duct sealing system;

Advanced Technology

Aerosol’s patented technology is widely regarded as one of the most beneficial energy technologies around the world. The application process, which won the 2011 This Old House magazine Best New Product Award and Best of What’s New Award from Popular Science magazine efficiently blocks gaps and seals leaks from inside the ducts. This is the latest and most advanced sealing process which also overcomes many of the traditional air duct sealing limitations.

Safe and Non-Toxic

You do not want to use a sealant solution that only results in more pollutants. Luckily, Aeroseal is composed of a UL-tested material commonly used in chewing gum, hair spray and water-based paints as well as a water-based solution which means that it does not leave a lingering odour. As a result, the Health and Safety Executive has no exposure limit on this vinyl acetate polymer.

Proven Energy Savings

Leaks in the air ducts allow conditioned air to seep out which leads to a substantial waste of energy. Duct sealing has been shown to increase the efficiency of the HVAC system by up to 20% which goes a long way in lowering your energy bill. Decreasing your energy consumption by ensuring your ducts are properly sealed is a great way to go green while also cutting costs. There is also the fact that when your system is running efficiently, it will last longer and also require fewer repairs. This means that Aeroseal not only helps you save but also in making eco-friendly changes for your family and organisation.

Comfortable Living and Working Environments

One of the ways you can discover that your ductwork is leaking is by observing temperature fluctuations across the building. This is a sign that there is uneven heating and cooling in the building. You might also observe that some rooms feel drafty while others feel as though there is no air circulation at all. These fluctuations of temperatures and airflow can be increasingly frustrating for your family, staff or leasers to deal with. Aeroseal duct sealing can significantly stabilise temperature and rate of airflow in the building and make it more comfortable to live and work in.

Additionally, older cracked ducts can result in a musty odour that can be unpleasant. Aeroseal can prevent that smell from circulating in the building thus providing a clean and fresh environment for your staff and/or leasers.

Better for Your Health

Duct sealing can greatly improve indoor air quality. When ducks have cracks and leaks they can allow dust, dirt, dander, allergens, moisture and pollutants into the indoor air which can be detrimental to people’s health particularly those with allergies. Air pollution is a serious health risk and in the case that the leaks cause mould spores, the building’s structure can be seriously damaged and require expensive repairs.

Sealing the ductwork with Aeroseal improves clean air circulation and keeps pollutants away from the indoor air. This also allows for more effective radon gas migration which also goes a long way in ensuring that everyone is healthy and can breathe easily.

More Productive and Dependable System

Inefficiency has a significant negative impact on the HVAC system in the long run. If your ductwork has leaks, the HVAC system is forced to work harder to maintain the required settings which reduces its efficiency. Over time, this inefficiency accelerates wear and tear in the system which is manifested in frequent repairs. A properly sealed ductwork, on the other hand, causes less strain on the system which allows it to continue performing for longer. As mentioned earlier, you will also be saving money on repairs.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing from Hasman

The reviews on Aeroseal duct sealing are overwhelmingly positive. Having your ducts professionally sealed with Aeroseal allows you to reduce energy consumption, save money on energy bills and repairs, improve indoor air quality and to create a comfortable and healthy environment for your staff and/or leasers. At Hasman, we have delivered Aeroseal to many different projects including commercial premises, medical facilities, cleanroom environments and more, effectively helping them reduce duct leakage in accordance with DW144 leakage rates. Do you suspect that your building has duct leaks? Contact us today for an effective and guaranteed solution for your HVAC system.