3 Essential Duct Cleaning Accessories

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We supply all of the duct cleaning equipment you could ever need, from rotary brush machines to negative air machines and specialist vacuum cleaners. Of course, any duct cleaning store wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive range of duct cleaning accessories to go with the equipment.

Whether you require an alternative brush head, an exhaust bag filter for your negative air machine, or a set of vacuum bags, we stock it all. There’s no need to shop around for duct cleaning accessories, Hasman is a one stop shop.

Here is a list of three of the most essential duct cleaning accessories in our range:

Numatic Vacuum Bags

It’s always the most simple products that are the most important. Vacuum bags might not be the flashiest items for us to place at the top of our duct cleaning accessories list but they’re certainly important. The Numatic vacuum cleaners that we stock are able to handle asbestos particles as well as particles from ductwork cleaning.

We only stock the authentic Numatic vacuum bags and they’re available at a great price point. There’s little else to say about them really except that they are simple and sturdy additions to your collection of accessories.

A pack of 10 Numatic vacuum bags is available in our online shop for £13

numatic vaccuum bags

Duct Hose Lifting Kit

A duct hose lifting kit will make your life a lot easier when you’re using any of our Lifa Air negative air machines. A simple, sturdy, and well constructed duct cleaning accessory, this tripod lifting set makes it easy to attach the duct hose onto the duct. By supporting the weight of the duct hose while it’s in use, it also makes it a lot less likely that the hose will detach during cleaning.

This kit comes as a set, which include a collar and three telescopic poles, which can be easily adjusted between 1.3 and 4.25m.

A must have for high level duct cleaning, the duct hose lifting kit is available in our shop for £525.

duct hose lifting kit

Centering Device

A centering device is an absolutely key accessory for any brush machine. Of all of our duct cleaning accessories, this is the one that you really shouldn’t try to live without. Centering devices stabilise the brush head within the duct. Without one, you can’t be sure that the bristles of your brush will touch every bit of ductwork.

Centering devices are frames with arms that can be adjusted in accordance with the size of the ductwork. They should always be used if the duct is larger than 350mm in width. When selecting this item, take care to order the one that’s best suited to your needs. If you’re not sure which one you need, feel free to get in touch with us.

Take a look at the video on the relevant product page of our website to see this particular piece of equipment in action and order your own centring device starting from £520.

centering device

Order Your Duct Cleaning Accessories Today

These are just a few of our top duct cleaning accessories, with many more accessories and other duct cleaning equipment available in our store. If you’re keen to be fully prepared for every commercial vent cleaning job you take, our accessories are perfect for you. Browse our store today and contact us on 03333 443 780 if you have any questions.